Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to share a modeling project with other users?

In a previous post, I illustrated the Collaborative Modeling mode provided with Obeo Designer 6.

It allows several users to simultaneously edit a model and its diagrams. Thanks to the fine-grained locking mechanism, only the concerned model elements are locked, and automaticaly released once the modifications are saved.

Now, I will explain how to share a local modeling project on a server, in order to use this collaborative mode and to allow other users to collaborate with you on the same model.

To share a model with several users, only three steps are needed with Obeo Designer.

1) Start the server

The shared model must be hosted on a CDO server which has to be installed and started.

This can be done very easily with the sample CDO servers provided with Obeo Designer. These servers are available through Obeo Designer examples and can be launched with prebuilt Launch Configurations.

This video illustrates how to proceed.

Of course, for a large project, with important constraints, you will have to configure and administrate your own CDO server.

2) Share a Modeling Project

Once the server has started, you can use it to export a local Modeling Project.

This will copy your local project on the server and make it available for other users. 

This video illustrates how to proceed.

Then, this project can be used in a collaborative mode by any other user who can connect to the CDO server.

3) Work with a Shared Modeling Project

When a modeling project has been shared on a CDO server, other users can work with it in a collaborative mode.

They just have to locally create a new Shared Modeling Project which points to the project hosted on the server.

This video illustrates how to proceed.

This Shared Modeling Project is directly connected to the server and reflects all the changes done by all the other users on the same model.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

On the road again!

Once again, Obeo will hit the road with its hot new technologies and products in the bag.
We will meet with our partners, customers and technical community through three main events.

Obeo Designer Roadshow 2012

After the success of 2011's edition, we will organize a new roadshow which will pass through 4 cities in France:
  • Nantes (18/10)
  • Toulouse (15/11)
  • Paris (20/11)
  • Grenoble (6/12)
Each day is free and composed of two parts:

The morning, we will present how custom graphical designers can help in managing complexity and how to create this kind of tools with Obeo Designer. Then, we will let our partners and customers to present case-studies where they have used Obeo Designer. For the first date, in Nantes, case-studies will be presented by MMA and Thales Services.

The afternoon, is dedicated to a "hands-on" session. We encourage each participant to come with its own idea of a graphical designer. And, with the help of Obeo experts, we promise that everyone leave with a first version of a running designer!

Last year, participants left with designers for robots, SOA systems, IT infrastructure, authorization management, etc...


Enterprise Architecture Morning

The 16th of October, we will be in Paris to discuss about Enterprise Architecture.

The morning is free and will be composed of 4 main parts:

  • Obeo's approach to Enterprise Architecture
  • Case-Study by Choregie, in the Insurance domain
  • TEAP, a collaborative research project with Capgemini and DCNS.
  • SmartEA, the solution proposed by Obeo

At the end, we will keep time to allow participants to install SmartEA on their PC and to play with a sample model.

Obeo SmartEA allows Enterprise Architects to define their existing and target architectures (As-Is and To-Be), to evaluate gap analysis and define transformation scenarios. It provides:
  • a graphical environment based on Eclipse to edit TOGAF models
  • a viewpoint technology based on Obeo Designer to create new kinds of representations
  • a database repository to store the models and to allow collaborative work (technology based on Eclipse CDO)
  • connectors to federate existing information with the repository
  • architectural tools to study evolution plans and to analyze their impacts
  • a web client to navigate and to search into the models

EclipseCon Europe 2012

Last but not the least, like each year, Obeo will be present at Ludwigsburg (Germany) for the annual Eclipse conference in Europe.

EclipseCon Europe 2012

Obeo has been selected for 8 talks: