Friday, December 17, 2010

Traceability between an EMF Java model and the corresponding source code

MoDisco 0.9M4 has been released this week with Eclipse Indigo M4.

One of the new interesting features is the traceability between an EMF model created from the reverse-engineering of a Java application and the corresponding source code.

It allows to directly navigate from elements of the Java model in the MoDisco Model Browser to the corresponding code fragment in a Java editor.

This feature is provided by a new Java discoverer which can be executed with the MoDisco menu "Discover Java and Inventory model from Java source code" available on a Java project.

This discoverer automatically creates three EMF models:
  • a Java model describing the content of the source code: it is the model created by the basic Java discoverer.
  • a KDM Inventory model describing the structure of the Java project (all the files and folders).
  • a traceability model containing relations between the Java model elements and source code fragments
If you need to know more about these models, you can read the documentation of the discoverer.

When you launch the discoverer on a java project, the traceability model is automatically opened in the MoDisco model browser. 

To activate the synchronization with the Java source code editor, you need to activate the "Synchronize with source code option". 

Now, when you click on a model element in the model browser, the corresponding source code is automatically highlighted in the Java source code editor (otherwise, the double-click on an element opens the property view).


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