Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting feedback from adopters

The OMG Technical meeting at Minneapolis is over, I will come back to Nantes tomorrow.

This kind of event is a very good opportunity to meet users of the tools we have developped for Eclipse. As anybody can download these tools, it is difficult to know precisely how they are used, and by who.

For example, this week I discovered that Nicolas Rouquette from the NASA, was using the MoDisco Model Browser to inspect complex XML documents! This browser has not been developped for this purpose. But, as MoDisco comes with an automatic transformation of XML files into EMF models, you can load any XML file directly into the browser, and benefit from all its navigation, filtering and customization capabilities!

Just click on an XML document, select the menu "Open with > Other..." and pick the "MoDisco Model Browser".

We really appreciate all these kinds of feedback: they are of great help while defining our roadmap :-))

If you have adopted (or are going to adopt) MoDisco , feel free to post your feedback (good or bad, it helps in both cases) on this blog, or on the MoDisco forum .

Helios is out. Now, let's take the Indigo train!


  1. One thing I've noticed while using the model browser to inspect meta models: In large meta models I often use the "Show Hierarchy" command from the context menu to find subclasses. But when I want to inspect the subclasses there is no way to make the model browser select that subclass. I would have expected that the button "Synchronize with workbench" works in both directions, so that a selection in the "EClass Hierarchy" view would cause a selection in the model browser.

  2. @Bureck : Yes this is how it should work.

    Could you submit a bug to MoDisco bugzilla ?


  3. FYI: The new version of IBM Rational Software Architect 8 is built on top of Helios; it is possible to install MoDisco 0.8 in RSA8; it's a bit tricky but MoDisco's benefits are worth the hassle.