Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to install MoDisco with Helios?

This year, for the Helios release, the Modeling Package offers a very simple way to install the Modeling components.

The Modeling Package is one of the Eclipse pre-packaged distributions available from the download page (

Once you have downloaded and launched this package, just click on the "Install Modeling Components" button from the toolbar.

This button opens a window displaying all the available Helios Modeling components. Select MoDisco and click on the Finish button.

A wizard appears to display all the MoDisco components which will be installed.

Click on Next, then click on the "I accept the terms of the licence agreement" to finish the installation.

Restart Eclipse and it's done! You have now access to the features provided by MoDisco 0.8.

Some of these features are directly available to manipulate or create EMF models, without having to write a line of code:
In addition, as a platform for Software Modernization projects, MoDisco also provides a lot of components to help you in the development of model-driven reverse-engineering tools.



  1. Hi Frederic !

    This new Eclipse feature "Install Modeling Component" works perfectly, I just installed MoDisco in Helios on my Ubuntu 10.04.
    It is really easy to use!

    Thanks for the heads up

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