Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to follow Obeo at EclipseOn 2011?

EclipseCon 2011 starts in less than one week from now.

This year, Obeo will be well represented with five of us going to Santa-Clara:
- Etienne Juliot, Vice-president and co-founder of Obeo, member of the Eclipse Foundation Board
- Cédric Brun, CTO of Obeo, member of the Architecture and Planning council, leading several Eclipse/Modeling projects
- Mariot Chauvin, committer on Acceleo, GMF and SWTBot
- Mikaël Barbero, EMFPath project leader
- and me ;-)

The program will be very intensive for us, with seven talks to give:

We are also in competion with five Eclipse Community Awards finalists:

However, we don't forget the most important thing at EclipseCon: sharing ideas (and beers) with other Eclipse fans!

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