Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Using viewpoints to edit complex models

Based on GMF, Obeo Designer adds several viewpoint mechanisms which facilitate the edition of complex models.

One of the main difficulties with graphical representation of complex models is the number of nodes and edges visible on a same diagram.

Obeo Designer comes with the concept of layer which allows to select the types of graphical elements to display. Inspired from image manipulation tools, several layers can be defined on a diagram and optionally selected or unselected, depending on what the user wants to see from his model.

Based on the simple Family scenario (detailed in my previous post), this demo shows how to define layers for parental and brotherhood relationships.

Another way to reduce the models complexity, is to use tabular representations. With Obeo Designer it is possible to define custom tables representing elements of the model. The lines and the columns are fully customizable depending on the objects and which properties have to be displayed.

This demo, shows how to define a table representing members of a family. Columns contain the names of the parents and other columns contain the numbers of sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

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